Agricultural Transformation Through Stronger Vocational Education
Agricultural Transformation
Through Stronger
Vocational Education
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  • Situated in Amhara Region, South Gondar Zone, Fogera Woreda.
  • Established as a National Army Training Center in 1968.  From 1978 to 1992 it served as Agricultural Staff on the job training and Farmer Training Center and then the name of the college changed to the Agriculture Training Center from 1993 to 2001.  
  • Woreta became an ATVET college in 2001
  • Student population 2014: 884 students
  • Currently there are 124 Administrative/Support Staff and 29 Academic Staff at the college.
  • Departments: Animal Science, Plant Science, Natural Resources, Irrigation, Basic Science
Woreta ATVET College aspires to be one of the best agricultural training and community servicing colleges in Ethiopia.

Providing high quality short and long term agricultural trainings to produce competent and market-oriented labour forces, conducting adaptive research and transferring productive technologies for local community engagement

Dalhousie University
Faculty of Agriculture
International Office
157 College Rd
Truro, NS, Canada
B2N 5E3

In-Country Office
Sar-bet, Kirkos Sub City
Kebele 08/09, House No. 1123
Ki-Ab Building, 5th Floor, Rm 17/18
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia